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German Bread Haus  --  Baking Healthy German Bread by Hand in South Florida since 1986.

A Note From the Baker

From the desk of Dieter, the baker ...

6,000 years ago land in Egypt belonged to the pharaoh. The pharaoh leased the land to the farmers, which had to pay 20% of their harvest to the crown. Meanwhile the laborers were paid 3 loaves of bread and 2 jugs of beer per day. The higher ranking officers and servants received a specific amount depending on their status.

The amount of bread was a standard of wealth.

The Egyptians were the first to discover the sourdough, then developed ovens and prepared real bread instead of the flat bread they consumed for hundreds of years. The bread made in pans was then used as currency. Later on, they got a coin which they could then trade for bread and more. While bread was their main food, meat, vegetables and spices were added. The best bread was made of wheat which was grown for the rich and the farmers. The average person got bread made of white spelt. The rye bread was for the poorest and the rest was used for the horses.  

In a certain way, not much had changed until today in America. Instead it seems worse.

For thousands of years, the grain was milled between stones. Hence, "stone ground grain." The grain mills of today were invented during the industrial revolution and instead of stones they used steel rollers which cracked the grain, removed the skin, the germ, the fiber and all the nutrition. They had only the refined carbohydrate remaining. This marked the beginning of our civilization's sickness.  Additionally, Egyptian bread of old was free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and mold. In the last hundred years we have introduced at least 75,000 new chemicals into our environment. Therefore, every person is collecting (cumulatively) several hundred toxins and free radicals into his or her body. The EPA considers that 60% of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides and 30% of all insecticides to be carcinogens. Even by adding "nutrition" back to this flour (now enriched) they managed to add only 8% to the original nutrition facts. Nothing in the bread can counter the attack on our personal environments, the human body. Almost everyone knows that cancer is still on the rise and the Number 2 killer over heart disease, but what they don't tell us is that accredited scientists find that each cancer patient has a gastrointestinal illness as well.

The German Bread Haus went back in time. When Dieter and Norma Dauer joined forces they shared a dream and went forward to pursue it by purchasing a "modern" stone mill and renovating their two-bedroom home into a certified organic facility. This was just the beginning. Wild Oats as their first customer that was the next inspiration, then Whole Foods and Publix were also on the quest to satisfy their health conscious consumers. Most important is that with their new technology, Dieter is able to accomplish his dream of supplying the most people with the best bread in America.  Right here in Oakland Park they are milling their own certified whole grain daily and have been ready and are serving Southeast Florida and beyond with local deliveries and the UPS service. Organic Flour Powerwas born.

The open door policy of German Bread Haus allows individuals and small groups to come and witness this big little something of a bakery with their organic facility. If you care to see the control system and paperwork it takes to stay in compliance with National Organic Standards along with the stacks of invoices for the organic supplies, just ask!  Call for an appointment. The only secrets at the German Bread Haus are the recipes.

Why Organic Whole Grain?

We are tired of being lead like sheep, bombarded with information about whole grain products. Products made from whole grain but with part of the bran discarded. We are still victims of nutritional bankruptcy. Pure whole grain flour must be used within 24 hours or it will become rancid, making it impossible to purchase or distribute. Having the mill in the bakery allows German Bread Haus to prepare the amount needed for the day’s baking. Hence, freshly milled organic bread from our oven to your tables every day!  Any leftover flour will be mixed with our other bread recipes.

Whole grains, containing the germ and the seven outer layers, are seldom used in whole grain products. What is used is the center of the kernel, the part containing the gluten and carbohydrates along with minute amounts of vitamins and minerals. The outside layers contain the ballast (fiber) or roughage, also containing vital nutrients. Layers 5 and 6 are loaded with minerals and lecithin, like an egg white. Layer 7 is where we find all the natural oils, natural fermentation, vitamins and proteins. The actual germ, usually discarded, is the high protein source, the "germ oil," the B-Complex vitamin and other important minerals.

All this and freshness, too!  That is what reflects the cost. Technology is here to bring us back to where we belong, efficiently and with great speed, and the organic industry is ready for good clean seeds and grains. We, at the German Bread Haus, are working day and night so that you, the consumer, can reap the benefits and eat vital whole foods and trust that you are getting the real thing. The only vitamin missing is C; calcium is also absent from this perfect God given little grain.

Guten Appetit!