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Baking Healthy German Bread by Hand in South Florida since 1986.

Organic Certification by OneCert. Kosher Certification by Kosher Organics

From the heart of the Haus

From our highly trained bakers to order takers, one thing that’s consistent throughout German Bread Haus is our passion for people’s good health and well-being. We’ve come a long way to serve the health conscious with great tasting organic, Non GMO breads hand-crafted to maintain the skin, germ, fiber, vitamins and nutritional value of the whole grains.

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Why Choose Us

Our breads are the TOP OF LINE!. We begin with organic whole grains grown with .


By taking the refining process back to how bread was made over 2,000 years ago using a “modern” stone mill technique, we created a healthier bread alternative to store shelf brands, tripped of the whole grain nutritional value during the refining process.


At German Bread Haus we believe the benefits of good health are priceless. We take pride in knowing our customers are receiving the highest quality certified organic Non GMO and Kosher ingredients in each slice. Offering a variety of tastes and textures loaded with all natural vitamins and minerals, German Bread Haus is the bread of choice for you and your family.


No genetically modified. Organism used! No GMOs!.
Our hearts to your good health!


German Bread Haus has put special care in the selection of our ingredients to give the guarantee of our quality to all our consumers.


Most of our breads are Certified Organic and Kosher, and all of them are Vegan!


All our breads are made with the finest ingredients and each loaf is individually cut and rolled by hand.

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Our seeds and grains are rigorously selected from the best quality suppliers and of course have the corresponding organic certification.


From the heart of our grains and seeds direct to heart of our customers to improve nutrition.


Organic, freshly and flavor rich breads.

Where to buy our breads.

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Visit our Store in Oakland Park


Monday-Saturday 9 AM-6 PM

Closed Sundays.


311 East Commercial Boulevard

Oakland Park, FL 33334

A Half Mile East of I-95, on the North Side of Commercial

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Toll Free: 877-577-2911

(954) 491-4464

“Most of our Breads are Certified Organic and Kosher, and all of them are Vegan! We start with certified organic whole grains grown without herbicides, pesticides or hormones. We use whole grain wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet and brown rice. They are MILLED FRESH DAILY at the bakery and soaked, which predigests them so they are not acid producing. Our heart, soul and integrity are baked into every nutrient rich loaf! We take pride in the pure facts. We promise: It’s all in there!”

— Dieter Dauer, Founder of German Bread Haus